Social Media

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the place people are communicating, connecting and making purchasing decisions. The platforms vary, however how we communicate with each other has changed. Your role as a business is to communicate with your customers in many different ways, you may be supporting a current customer, prospecting for new ones or getting some market research done on a new product or service you’d like to launch.

In 2018 to communicate socially means to communicate via Social Media platforms. The major platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn and Twitter, and each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of marketing, or transaction you’re wishing to complete.

Traditional marketing will not work in this Social Media world, and its never been more obvious. This is called Digital Engagement. In their December 2017 Report, Deloitte Access Economics calculated that a business with advanced digital engagement will be 50% more likely to be growing revenue. Do you know that over 70% of all purchases made today are influenced by Social Media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our social media analysis will give you a firm understanding of how your business is stacking up. We look at whether you are targeting your ideal customer, what content you are serving them, and how well you listen and respond to their conversations. You wouldn't leave customers calls unanswered, so why reject their online enquiries? Don't leave money on the table in 2018.


Without a strategy you are lost. We spend serious time analysing your data, and drilling down to your ideal customer. Our 12 month plans start with a revenue goal, and reverse engineer back to daily tasks. Your training ensures success, and we give maximum support.


Social management will always be collaborative. Working with our team will turn your passion on, as you see the results stack up. Always working to a strategy, our clients have all reported massively increased levels of engagement, and new clients. Plus, we all have fun!


It may be a one off event, or a long term plan. The data collected by Facebook allows you to send ads to ideal customers based on their income, preferences, location and a million other things. We bring it all together and make it simple.


Your videos, blogs, photos and text all tell a story. Professional content creation will reach the heart of your customer, and turn them into loyal fans. Stop sending out half-hearted content, and grow a strong impression among your followers.


When your team is empowered to become social gurus, everyone benefits. Our clients tell stories of team members who are happier at work, proud of your brand, and growing in a new skills set. Social Media is a big game, and you need all your team to play.