You need to act like the smallest in business to embrace the future.

Emerging Technologies. Education. Modelling. People. Resources. Social Media. The speed at which these change, evolve & impact a perfectly good business make it extremely hard for a small biz owner to focus and gain traction.

Right now, I am in the process of working one on one with leaders in technology, to create a sustainable model for regional Australian retailers. I fly between Brisbane and Sydney, brainstorming with the best minds. Then I get myself out of the bubble, and put our ideas in front of the actual business owners. Place it in their hands, let them talk and provide feedback.

And in two seconds, they are able to bring complete clarity. All the big ideas don’t scare them. They are so full of common sense, so connected to the simple truth of why they run a business. ‘But this won’t work if I can’t wrap the package in store and make sure the product is lovely’. There goes traditional dropshipping. “I can’t use my current POS with this’. Okay, we need to do mass education for Shopify POS benefits. ‘I normally lose 14 days a year travelling to trade shows to choose product. Well, that’s an unexpected use of AR.

What allows them these instant reactions are two important traits. Grit & Focus. Small business naturally entails long term suffering, to be in the game 5, 10, 20 years. To show up still smiling day after day. Grit – defined as the ability to suffer and still enjoy life. This trait enables you to be in the game long enough to become an expert. The development of intuition over those years makes you nimble and hones your intuition.

To this, add focus. A focus on the vision you hold for your business. The act of bringing your dream into reality builds a loyal tribe, clients, advocates & staff. Without it, you can’t offer your clients value, and you can’t lead a team or build a legacy. Over the years, these regional small business owners learn to judge new opportunities by how well they build their vision. Lightening fast gut reactions teach them what to try, how to risk right, when to jump in, and when to run away.

It’s time we start painting big, bold visions that allow our dreams enough scope to truly embrace the opportunities new technology presents. Dreams agile enough to build on the new ways our young people want to work. A vision that can weave in the potential of globalism and allows new regional centres to spring up.

As we launch into these new uncharted waters, as the world shifts & remoulds, it is comforting to know that the most noble of human characteristics will carry us through. Staying true to a vision, and having the grit to not only jump into new worlds, but create them.