LinkedIn Video: Time for corporate Australia to open the door

Loved for it’s networking power, LinkedIn is the stalwart of corporate Australia. Networks, skills, job opportunities. All the hallmarks of the most powerful professional networking platform.

Amid the din of ‘that belongs on Facebook’, there has been a shift to more authentic and personal content sharing over the past 12 months. In the background LinkedIn has been building up a personal learning experience, offering targeted bite sized courses through Linkedin Learning. Now available as a handy little app, the DNA being built into LinkedIn has been focused on personal improvement. The focus was on reaching people where they are, but for professional reasons instead of entertainment or marketing.

The very last platform to do so, LinkedIn launched native video posting was in 2017, but only to personal profiles. This saw a slew of vomit inducing self coaching videos, and not a lot else. People were unsure of how to use the new medium in a purely professional environment. This ain’t Facebook baby!

Now launching native video posts to company pages, LinkedIn opens the door for you to receive highly targeted marketing videos into your feed. This could be seen as risky move, as they place the user experience in the hands of companies that don’t often traditionally use video marketing. But that won’t happen. The user base is too sophisticated, too ‘tired’ of being slammed with content from every other platform. Intelligent, considered and authentic videos are to be expected.

Native video provides an opportunity for more conservative brands to personally reach out to customers. This is a real opportunity to open the door and connect, educate and share knowledge.  To understand what drives our brightest minds. To share failure, passion and progress. To inspire and seed the minds of the next generation.

It will be the brave and bold who start. A handful of eager startups. A young exec or two. Eventually we will enjoy regular updates from our most influential Australians.  These are the things that interest me most, begging for video sharing:

  • How Aussie products are made.
  • How some of our biggest companies started, struggled and grew (from the horses mouth).
  • What steps corporates are taking to embrace the digital age.

These sort of conversations would take the Australian business ecosystem forward, foster engagement with brands, and allow a surge in recruiting toward companies bold enough to give management a social voice.


My vision is to save small towns for the future of our children, through my foundation, Shop My Town.  Maverix Digital exists to close the gap for small business in Australia. It’s time for change.