Using cloud technology can be as simple as file storage. The main reason business don't embrace this powerful tool is the activity of moving your data. We are pleased to provide full service in Cloud Technology. Our Maverix team work with you, selecting the right platforms and building solutions that embrace your existing business systems.

The most efficient way to embrace Cloud Technology is to build toward the future. Included in your forecasting, this method allows you to plan ahead, and allocate resources, training, and change management activity to smoothly transition into the digital age.

Imagine having your entire business in the palm of your hand!

Our Toolbox


Some business owners don't understand the new world of cloud hosting. Get a hosting audit to find out the truth of your current hosting capabilities, and receive a diagnosis for your future growth.


Once your system of operations are in a dynamic cloud platform, HR becomes straightforward. Whether you are onboarding new staff, up-skilling the team, or rolling out new procedure, cloud based Systems of Operations increase productivity.


If your team are still emailing back and forward you can be doing better. Collaboration software can be built around your project management platform, or be standalone. Custom solutions ensure the best fit.


Thousands of platform as a service exist. Choosing the right one can be time consuming, before you even start rolling it out. Your team might need customisation for the platform to really integrate.


Moving into cloud technology requires careful planning, resource management, and team training. After a roll out, feedback and iteration ensure a fully integrated system is in place to maximise uptake.



Diadem Designs

Our client needed a bespoke system, and a lot of data moved into the cloud. Our platform created a custom solution to order printed & embroidered garments. This is the only site in AUS that allows 3 types of printing plus embroidery in the garment designer. 6500 products were encoded and uploaded into the site, in a mammoth task taking 3 months.

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness
  • Custom Product Designer Integrated
  • eCommerce Website

Simply Beautiful Gifts

Already in an established platform, this client was locked into a heavy difficult website. We moved her into a popular eCommerce platform, redesigned her site, and encoded nearly 400 products to provide a seamless move into a new cloud based inventory.

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness
  • eCommerce Website

Simply Beautiful Gifts

Another ambitions project, this is a completely online auction website, for the heavy machinery industry. We were able to work closely with our client, training and assisting him to learn the new technology. To establish trust and credibility, a professional photoshoot was coordinated. Too easy!

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsiveness
  • Photography Services