About Maverix

Who are the Maverix?

Founded by Melody Jarvis, Maverix are a diverse team of talented digital professionals. We savour our startup heartbeat, with a hungry and creative mindset. Total Digital Transformation is our focus, in the mid to enterprise level organisation.

Long term, rich relationships reward your loyalty. We are not here for a short run.

Our founder, Melody, has been working inside organisations for over 12 years, transforming systems, infrastructure, telecommunications and marketing to be digitally savvy. An Advance QLD Community Digital Champion, and UQ Graduate, Melody lives in a small town called Gatton, in Queensland. A mother to four, and avid supporter of all things Australian small business, Melody has raised up the Maverix enterprise to change the face of organisations across the country.

What will we do?

Over the next 12 months, Maverix will dominate the Digital Transformation space for Australian business.

When an organisation lags behind in adapting digital, people are constrained. Digital, Strategy and Cloud release the true potential of your organisation.

Our mission is to 'Move Australia forward through Digital Transformation'.

Our Directors are a mix of corporate excellence and startup innovation. Creativity and joy are brought into every project, while rigorous planning and consistent, open communication keep deliveries on track.

Our partners are hand picked for their startup heart, and track record of innovation.