About Maverix

Maverix Digital was founded to assist family owned business. Our entire focus is on your business seeing success from your website. We take business owners on a journey, from being embarrassed about their site, or having no site at all, to engaging with their customers daily online.

The world has changed. We understand it's hard to keep up! Our team rally around you, the small business hero! Considering how much you pump into the economy, and how many jobs you provide, your business MUST be treated with respect.

Personal, hands on customer service provide real support. A system wrapped around YOUR ideas, so the site you receive truly represents your business. A focus on conversion into real customers that grow your business. And finally, a team you can trust for the long term.

That's what Maverix Digital stands for!

The small business specialists, from the one page website through to a fully built out online store. No job is too big or too small, as long as the people behind the business are a family owned team!

Digital Transformation

You may have missed how often you used to see your customers face to face. You may think they are not supporting your business anymore.

Have you stopped to consider why? The fact is now clear - more Australians are doing business online, than every before! Your favourite customers may be dropping in less and less, but they STILL want to support you.

If you have not provided the avenue for them to shop, order or book a product or service online, you are missing out. We cannot turn back the tide of change. People's habits are wrapped around their phones, and it's time to accept the internet is not just a fad.

We are here to help. Let's get your business functioning as well online, as it does in the 'real' world. Maverix Digital have a team of really friendly experts, who will walk you through an easy and straight forward process.

Our clients are ALWAYS at the centre of our work. You won't be pushed or stretched beyond your means in any way. Enlist our help for a long term relationship, as we get your business reaching out in the online world!